Beyond stitched surfaces

Beyond stitched surfaces

The art of crocheting, sewing and painting of Antonietta Peeters

The Dutch artist Antonietta Peeters (b. 1967) became known in the nineties with coloured crocheted sculptures of everyday objects as a microphone or a helmet. In the last 15 years her art developed in a more abstract, natural and poetic-like manner. She cuts linen pieces, sews them back together and treats the surface with gesso (a kind of primer) or acrylic paint. Where in earlier works distinctive lines indicated evidently water, land and air, flowing lines became more and more present in recent paintings loosening any concrete figurative context or landscape.  The lines, stitched with a sewing machine, are multiplied dominating the canvas with an all-over pattern. Due to the raised stitching seams, reminiscent of the veins of a leaf, a surface of regular, organic forms is created on each canvas. These designs still remind us of a certain natural, figurative imagery. The association is enhanced by the earthly colour shades Peeters adopts layer upon layer on her paintings.

In order to emphasize the contrast between the flat surface and the plasticity, created in the first place by the raised stitched seams (resulting in a shadow play), the artist paints occasionally the sides of her works. In doing so the paintings are approached as objects as well and cannot longer be perceived as a two-dimensional traditional pattern.

In the past Peeters worked mainly in large formats increasing the impact of her range patterns. However, the last three years she chose to produce smaller works where variation and distinction in form became present to a greater extent and played a more significant role. The different materials linen, jute and cotton are now apparent. The partitions seem clear and strict but remain concurrently mobile and natural.

Peeters’ occupation with the relationship between subject and the pictorial surface and where they coincide is still in constant development. The variation of rhythm, resonance and dynamism in the works require movement in their display. The paintings are installed freely throughout the space. Some works still find themselves on the wall, others have broken free of the wall and are displayed at the edges of our field of vision (on tables for example).

The crocheted, sewed and painted paintings of Antonietta Peeters are a quest into the poetic-like, organic, mobile space of a wider world beyond vision.

Antoniette-Peeters 2014 (10-2-14). Courtesy the artist and Andriesse Eyck Galerie

Antonietta Peeters 2014 (10-2-14) 2014. Courtesy the artist and Andriesse Eyck Galerie